10 Errors You Should not Make While Preparing for JAMB And Post-Utme Exam

Errors in Jamb

As a student preparing for the JAMB or Post-Utme examination, you should avoid making some errors which could mar your chances of getting admitted into into any higher institution of your choice.

These common error made by students in preparation for JAMB and Post Utme examination will be addressed with outmost simplicity in the remainder of this post.

  1. Error of multitude

One of the errors students do make while preparing for the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) Unified tertiary matriculation examination is the error of choosing the wrong course or even the wrong school because they want to follow their friends or relatives to make the same choice. As a student aspiring for a higher institution admission, you should desist from unnecessary copycat and stand out in making your choices of course or institution. Don’t opt in for Medicine and Surgery because your best friend chose Medicine and Surgery Don’t apply for University of Ilorin because two of your friends are there already . You could choose to be different you know.

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  1. Ambition over ability

This sound unconvincing right? Don’t worry I will make myself clear soon enough. Now, while it is good to nurse good ambition concerning your school or course of study, it is imperative that you also consider your abilities while preparing to make these choices. If by intellectual capacity, you know you’re a below average student, then, if you want to study any of the top courses in the higher institution, choose a state owned university or better still, a private University where competition for admission is minimal. That is if you can afford the tuition fee and every other financial responsibilities that comes with it. Don’t beat yourself too hard, Socrates, a popular philosopher once said “man knoweth thyself”, so streamline your choices with your abilities.

  1. Wrong subject combination

This is one of the biggest errors students commit while preparing for JAMB exam and also getting admission into any higher institution generally. Every course of study has its own O’level and JAMB subject combination which must be carefully and appropriately chosen if one is to be considered for admission. Before you choose any course, make sure you check the JAMB brochure to see its O’level and JAMB subject combination to avoid unnecessary stress. You can check the jamb brochure by clicking here

  1. Unnecessary familiarity

This is also one of the costly errors students commit while in pursuit of University, Polytechnic or College of education admission, Common, this is JAMB you’re preparing for, not your high school exam. That you have written it twice is not even a yardstick for complacency. Get yourself together and do the needful. You can’t afford to miss out from this year admission.

  1. Unnecessary tension

While it is good to prepare rigorously for your exam, you don’t need to be anxious and over bothered unnecessarily. There are no two ways about it when you prepare yourself well enough, then you leave the rest for fate to decide.

  1. Lack of faith

Don’t allow your past mistakes and errors in your preious JAMB and Post-Utme exams to hunt you down on your journey of getting admission into the higher institution. One error aspirants commit while preparing for their JAMB exam is that after sitting for one or two matriculation exams, they begin to lose faith in their self. Common mate, you only failed UTME, not a life time examination. Gather yourself together, channel all your energy to getting better results this time, shun every unnecessary time consumers and am sure you’ll do great this time.

  1. Don’t be in the dark have a Staylite friend

You will be doing yourself much harm if you don’t have anyone either a friend or family who is a student in your preferred school of choice. This is one of those costly errors student make while preparing for JAMB and admission generally. The result of not getting an insider is that you might be short of getting first hand information from such school and can even lead to difficulties in settling down when you go for you Post-Utme screening exam. Get a stay-lite friend in your preferred institution and contact him or her from time to time for information.

  1. Past question is not the real exam

How more can I emphasize this? Because you have read all the past questions from page to page does not mean it is over. It is one of those errors to think that all you need to pass your JAMB or Post-UTME exam is just past questions. Rather, past questions are only to guide you and give you an insight into how JAMB or Post-Utme questions are been set. Don’t get it twisted, am not trying to belittle the effectiveness of past questions as a means of preparing for your exam, However read more than past questions , you should equally peruse your textbooks, literatures, and other essential materials.

  1. God factor

Sometime it takes more than intelligence to get admission, while you are consciously preparing for admission, don’t leave the God factor out of your equation. Always acknowledge GOD. Don’t commit one of such errors of thinking you can get pass JAMB or Post-UTME and admission eventually, all by yourself .

  1. Don’t think it is over after UTME

Yes you heard me right, don’t relax and think you’re good to go after scoring above 200 in JAMB exam. We have seen cases of student who wasted incredible UTME high scores because they thought preparation for admission stops at JAMB, don’t make one of such errors. Not until you get your admission letter, keep your preparation flag high flying.

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