Top Colleges of Education in Nigeria

This article describes the top colleges of education in Nigeria based on different metric such such staff quality, infrastructures, and successful alumni.

Top College of education in Nigeria

College of education is among the number of educational institutes in Nigeria. These colleges are established to produce capable and qualified trachers. Are you planning to further your education in one of the top college of education in Nigeria? Then this post is for you. We have carefully selected 5 of these institutions . Check below for the list of 5 Top Colleges of Education in Nigeria

Adeyemi College of Education Ondo

The institution was founded in 1963 and has been producing qualified teachers since then.

Location: Ondo city, Ondo state

Provost: Dr. Samuel Akinrinola Akintunde

The school has basically five (5) schools and 24 departments and receives application for NCE, Bsc Ed, diploma in education both on full time and part time.

The school of science

The school of Science has seven departments as listed below;

  • Department of Mathematics
  • Department of Chemistry
  • Department of Biology
  • Department of Physics
  • Department of Physical and health education
  • Department of Integrated science
  • Department of Computer science

The School of Science is charged with the responsibility of raising graduates at both degrees B.Sc. (ED.) and NCE level competent to teach at both primary and secondary school levels of education in the country.

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There are five department in this school.

  • Department of English language
  • Department of Yoruba Language
  • Department of Hausa Language
  • Department of Igbo Language
  • Department of French Language


There are eight departments in this school as named below.

  • Department of Continuing Education (DCE), Adult and Non-Formal Education
  • Department of Educational Administration and Planning
  • Department of Educational Foundations and Counselling
  • Department of Educational Technology (DET)
  • Department of General Studies (GS)
  • Department of Primary Education Studies (PES)
  • Department of Early Childhood and Care Education (ECCE)
  • Department of Special Education and Curriculum Studies

Art and social sciences.

The school of Arts and Social Sciences housed six departments. These are:
Department of Geography
Department of History
Department of Religious Studies
Department of Economics
Department of social studies
Department of Music Education
Vocational and technical education
Agricultural Science, Department
Fine and Applied Arts Department
Home Economics
Department of Business.

Federal College of Education Zaria

This is another top college of education where teachers are trained in Nigeria. It was founded in 1962 and began operation fully in 1963. The college receives application for pre-NCE, NCE, Professional diploma in education and remedial programs respectively.

Location: Zaria, Kaduna state

Provost: Dr. Ango Abdullahi Ladan

Niger State College of Education Minna

This is a state owned college of education with exceptional qualities. It was founded in 1975 and upgraded to college of education in 1983. The college has six schools and 32 departments. The school are listed below.

  • School of education
  • School of Arts and Social Sciences
  • School of Technical education
  • School of Vocational Education
  • School of Languages
  • School of Sciences

Location: Minna, Niger State

Provost: Professor. Mohammad Yakubu Auna

Federal College of Education (Special) Oyo

The college was established in May 1977 as Federal Advanced Teachers College for Special Education, FATC (SE). This institution also receives application for pre-NCE and NCE programs.

Location: Oyo city, Oyo state

Provost: Prof. Usman, Kamoru Olayiwola

Federal College of Education Kano

This is the last we will be mentioning. It is was established in 1961 and became a federal college in 1990. The college is made up of five schools namely; Education, Languages, Sciences, Vocational Education and the School of Arts and Social Sciences.

Location: Kano City, Kano state

Provost: Dr. Mrs. Rabi J. Muhammad

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