Adeleke University Postgraduate Admission Requirements

Adeleke University, Ede is a private institution located in Ede, Osun State, Nigeria. The institution is an accredited faith-based institution which believes in the development of a “whole” person and provide opportunities for students to build their relationship with God.
Adeleke University Postgraduate Admission Requirements is discussed in this post. The College of Postgraduate Studies of the University provides varieties of programmes, dedicated to fulfill the mission of the school through academic, practical and professional training of an individual who aspire to excel in his/her chosen field of expertise.

The programmes provided by the college are classified into two. These are; long term research-oriented and short term ones that are practical in nature. The programmes offered are science-based and art-based disciplines respectively.

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List of Postgraduate Courses in Adeleke University, Ede

Adeleke University Postgraduate Admission Requirements

  1. The application form is online. It should be downloaded, filled and submitted by applicants with any other necessary documents to Adeleke University. No applicant shall be admitted not until his/her application has been approved by the Board of the College of Postgraduate Studies (hereinafter referred to as the Board) on behalf of Senate and on the recommendation of the appropriate College Postgraduate committee (hereinafter called College committee).
  2. All applicants should furnish the College with the application evidence in the form of a certified academic transcript of his/her previous university work. Letter(s) of reference from his previous university teachers that he is qualified to undertake advanced study and research, and that he has satisfactory knowledge of the language required for such study should also be presented. Subject to approval by the Board, the department or college may request for additional conditions for admission, e.g. interview.

The photocopies of the following documents should be attached to the application form completed and returned by hand or courier services.

  • HND or Bachelor’s degree certificate
  • For candidates proposing to pursue M.Phil, Master’s degree certificate should be attached to the application form.
  • Notification of Results of Bachelor’s Degree Examinations for AU graduates proposing to pursue Masters and PhD Degrees
  • NYSC Discharge/Exemption Certificate for Nigerian Candidates
  • Evidence of change ofName(s) or Marriage Certificate where needed
  • Any other relevant documents
  • Three (3) recent passport

Arrangement should be made with applicants’ institution to forward the academic transcript before the closing date to reach the address below:


Available Programmes in the College of Postgraduate

The programmes are classified into two, which are; a) long -term research-oriented courses of study and training, b) short term courses (i.e courses of shorter duration and of practical orientation)

Types of Postgraduate Programmes

Postgraduate Diplomas (PGD)

Masters Degrees: The master courses include;

2. Professional Masters – MPA. and Masters with coursework and research project -M.Sc., M.A.

c. Masters with coursework & research thesis – M.Sc.; M.A.

d. Masters of Philosophy with coursework & research thesis -(M.Phil)

Doctor of Philosophy – Ph.D.

Check below for the list of the 39 programmes offered by the college

  1. Doctor of Philosophy in Biochemistry
  2. Doctor of Philosophy in Business Administration
  3. Doctor of Philosophy in Computer Science
  4. Doctor of Philosophy in Economics
  5. Doctor of Philosophy in English
  6. Doctor of Philosophy in History
  7. Doctor of Philosophy in International Studies
  8. Doctor of Philosophy in Library & Information Science
  9. Doctor of Philosophy in Mass Communication
  10. Doctor of Philosophy in Microbiology
  11. Doctor of Philosophy in Public Health
  12. Doctor of Philosophy in Religious Studies
  13. Master of Arts in English
  14. Master of Arts in History
  15. Master of Arts in International Studies
  16. Master of Arts in Religious Studies
  17. Master of Business Administration
  18. Master of Public Administration
  19. Master of Public Health
  20. Master of Science in  Accounting
  21. Master of Science in  Computer Science
  22. Master of Science in  Economics
  23. Master of Science in Biochemistry
  24. Master of Science in Business Administration
  25. Master of Science in Library & Information Science
  26. Master of Science in Mass Communication
  27. Master of Science in Microbiology
  28. Master of Science in Political Science
  29. Master of Science in Political Science
  30. Master of Science in Public Administration
  31. Postgraduate Diploma in Accounting
  32. Postgraduate Diploma in Biochemistry
  33. Postgraduate Diploma in Computer Science
  34. Postgraduate Diploma in Economics
  35. Postgraduate Diploma in Management
  36. Postgraduate Diploma in Mass Communication
  37. Postgraduate Diploma in Microbiology
  38. Postgraduate Diploma in Public Administration

Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health

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