Covenant School Fees Schedule For 2020/2021

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Covenant University school fees are a commendable fee for private higher institutions which some students across the country have schooled in before.

Covenant University school fees is a medium school fee whereby everyone may afford it and the quality in return is what matters. It has happened before and happens in the future whereby some graduates can’t depend on their qualification and it is due to incompetence of the lecturers of that particular institution.

That’s why Covenant University’s school fee remains the best for those who can afford it. That doesn’t mean the Federal or State Universities aren’t delivering the best, nope either, they are trying their best.

Covenant University school fees comprise of a lot of different things which some students or parents did not know before.

The higher institution is private at first, competent, qualified, with good structure building, and well deserved for affordable students.

And what did students need or look over while choosing to his desire a higher institution rather than the above ones? Competency is what comes first of all.

Covenant University school fees are scheduled to be medium since it is a privately owned sector that can not be run together with public ones because the Government can’t afford the expenses of it.

While for Covenant University, it is run by its owners which would consume millions of money. A lot of people are quite surprised by Covenant University school fees not knowing of the foreign university ones.

With the medium school fee of Covenant University, the university has remained its standard of qualified institutions in Nigeria.

If you are wealthy and want to school without the tension of the ASUU strike or anything else, you or your parents should afford you the school fee of Covenant University.

The school fee of Covenant University is never higher or expensive, rather it is even low comparing to what people send monthly on their feeding.

Covenant University School Fees For Undergraduate

In this article, we would break down the school fees of Covenant University in a full detailed way.

S/NCoursesSchool Fees
2.Banking & FinanceN937,500
3.Business AdministrationN937,500
4.Demography & Social StatisticsN937,500
6.Industrial Relations & Human Resource ManagementN937,500
7.International RelationsN977,500
9.Policy & Strategic StudiesN977,500
10.Political ScienceN977,500
11.English LanguageN977,500
14.Mass CommunicationPubl. Rel. & Advert.N977,500N977,500
16.Chemical EngineeringMechanical EngineeringCivil EngineeringElectrical EngineeringComputer EngineeringAutomobile EngineeringN1,002,500N1,002,500N1,002,500N1,002,500N1,002,500N1,002,500
17.Computer ScienceN977,500
20.Ind. / Physics/MathematicsN984,500
21.Ind. ChemistryN984,500
22.Building TechnologyN977,500
24.Estate ManagementN977,500

The above is the complete breakdown details of Covenant University school fees starting from their course one to all other courses.

Education is the best thing you or your parent can invest in now and cash out tomorrow even with or without a Government job, you can also stand by yourself if truly you schooled well.

So I don’t think the school fees of Covenant University are something one should think twice before paying.

If you have a child as a parent or you as a student knows how much our leaders spend on their children, you won’t even think twice before affording the school fees of Covenant University.

They took their children abroad to school in an expensive tertiary institution so that they would come back and rules us again, think wise bro/sis.

We can only change the situation and future of our dear nation, children, and even we because if we failed to implement the target today, tomorrow might be worst than we think.

Thing You Need To Know About Covenant University

• Covenant University is located in the southern part of Nigeria, which is the safest place among the other geographical regions. Security is an important aspect, it matters a lot in terms of everything not even in schooling terms, that’s Covenant University is recommendable for Nigerians.

Students can only be comfortable, get rest of mind to study well if they have not tensioned.

• Covenant University school fees may be quite expensive for some students’ parents and it is so sad concerning the students who admire and have the zeal to study in the superstitious university.

• The University is not old enough and that can be an advantage for one to grab the iconic image of the institution.

What I mean here is that Covenant University is still among the recently created higher institutions in Nigeria and that is an opportunity for one to study hard, smart, and chase a very amazing result or record.

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