How to Write an Affidavit For Nigeria Universities and other Institutions(with samples)

Affidavit for Universities

Most Nigerian Universities and other tertiary institutions requires every admitted students to present an affidavit of good conduct as well as affidavit of non-membership of secret cult provided by the law Court before one can be accepted as a bonafide member of the institution.

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Writing an affidavit letter as part of the documents required for University’s admission could be sometimes difficult owing to the fact that you haven’t written any prior to this time. What then is an affidavit letter and how do you write one?

An affidavit is simply a letter or a document made and signed in the court or by an a legal practioner that’s attest to the truth presented by an indivual. When you make an affidavit, you’re swearing to a particular truth whether it is your name, date of birth, etc.

Whichever one it is you’re writing, the rest of this post shows you the perfect way to write a letter of affidavit that is acceptable by every institution in Nigeria and even across borders.

How do you write an Affidavit ?

As I said earlier most Nigerian Universities and other tertiary institution requires mostly, an affidavit of good conduct and affidavit of non membership of secret cult before one can be accepted as a student of the school.

We therefore consider this major types of affidavit letter below

Affidavit of good conduct

When writing an this type of document,

  • the affiant( the person writing the affidavit) states his/her name in block letter followed by the individual’s religion,residential address. afterwards the writer proceeds yo make the oath by stating every of his/her details such as registration number, Matriculation number(if you have been given), name of institution as well as the course of study and current level.
  • Towards the end of the letter the affiant pledges to live by the rules and regulation guiding the community (particular institution) and ready to be sanctioned when found guilty of disobedience or anti-peace activity.
  • The letter ends with the signature of the affiant and that of the legal practitioner who seals the letter and hence it becomes binding.

Affidavit of good conduct for Universities

Affidavit of non-membership of secret cult

  • The affidavit of nonmembership of secret cult is to for you as a student to make an oath stating nonmembership of an secret cult.
  • This also starts with the affiant name, religion, state of origin residential address as well as other important details of the individual.
  • Towards the end of the letter the affiant declares his/her non indulgence with any secrets cult or association in and outside the campus. As usual the letter ends with the writer signature and that of the attorney or the legal practitioner.

Affidavit of nonmembership of secret cult

Take note, An affidavit signed by an attorney or a legal practitioner is a very powerful document and as a student it can be used against you in the law courts when you bridge any of the stated components of the declaration.

An affidavit can be written for many other purposes aside from schools such as Universities and other tertiary institution, it can also be written to attest to an agreement, change of name etc.

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