25 Important Health Tips For Student

health tips for student

Health is an important aspect of one’s life. Health they say is wealth. Your health as a student is your wealth. It is therefore essential to take a crucial look into taking ones health seriously. Have you ever asked yourself on how to stay healthy on campus? Do you want to know some important health tips for student? Or would you want to how you can improve or maintain a good health as a student? Then you are on the right page as we take you through important health tip for student which might be common but not judiciously put into use. Just do well to read to the end

One of the most important health tips for student is Food.


There is no life without food. Every being be it animals or human has to get feed before they can survive. This also applies to student. This one of the important health tips for student. As a student you need to feed yourself with food before you can think of getting it right in the academic world. School is a place to learn and for you to survive as a student, food is needed! Consumption of this food should not be done on just what you see you eat. It has to be selected.

Many students find it difficult to maintain proper food diet maybe probably because of fund or availability of the student to prepare what to eat. They just east junk food and get satisfied. Satisfaction by derivation should not be the case, as what you eat help you build a better life.

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1. Eating in right proportion: Just as I have mentioned earlier, you consumption should not be based on what you see. This serves as one health tip for student you’d need to know. You will have to eat the right quality in the right quantity so as to get enough nutrients that will help boost you immune system, get the right sight accommodation and also nourish your brain. The following are health tips for student on eating food in right proportion

2. Avoid eating large quantities of food: Even if the food you are eating is the healthiest food on earth, gauge your quantity! You can easily keep track of how much food you are consuming per time.  Another one is by eating less but more frequently. This later part is mostly recommended by gym expert on how to keep a flat tummy. I think ladies do like this.

3. Breakfast: As simple as it may sound, it is an important health tip for student. Many students wake up late in the morning to prepare meal of get something to eat because of the fear of missing morning class. This may be due to sleeping late at night that is commonly found among students. A balanced diet consumed in the morning goes a long way in putting you on the right track of maintaining a good health as a student. It’s nice you start your day with the right meal.

4. Eat varieties: Many male students are fond of eating beans and spaghetti in a whole week. That sounds funny but it’s the truth. Unlike the females who will like to change the food type an also take some other stuff, the male usually try to avoid the stress of cooking or try to meet up with some external demands . This makes them to revolve round the same type of food till they meet up their affairs. It is therefore important that you take a crucial look into eating different kinds of food as it is an important part of good nutrition.

5. Drink enough Water : Water is not a substitute for food. Nevertheless, it helps you boost your concentration and also keeps you hydrated as you go by your daily activities on campus. Water also keeps you from overheating and makes you get focused on what you are meant to do.

6. Eat Vegetables and fruits: Eating fruits and vegetables are another important health tip for student. Many students find it difficult to buy fruits especially those that come from villages or remote areas where they easily access fruits without buying them. These set of people find it difficult to buy. Even if available fruits aren’t your favorite, just try to incorporate it into your taste at least for the moment. Don’t forget your vision is to stay healthy therefore it is important you pay a special attention to eating fruit and vegetables as they help in growth and build the immune system.

Personal Hygiene is another one you will need to know

Personal Hygiene

Students on campus change their lifestyle in view of pursing a better grade often a first class or distinction. This is good but the place of keeping oneself clean should not be left out. Though the list is inexhaustible, below is the list of few things we considered paramount for students’ health.

7. Regular bathing: Irrespective of the time you might have spent trying to meet up with classes, bathing is not part of the things you should ommit of skip for attending class early. Some students try to use perfume in place of bathing to avoid bad body odor. This is not the best practice at all. This is commonly done in examination period. Students go for night class, read all through and head to the examination hall without bathing just for the sake of obtaining good grades. Your body should be kept neat at all time.

8. Washing of hands: Male students exchange greetings by hand shaking while the females hug, shake. It is very important that as a student you wash your hands frequently as germs can be transferred through hand shaking. Hand sanitizer can also be used for this purpose

9. Oral hygiene: Your mouth is the gateway to your body. Whatever comes into your body passes through the mouth. As the Dentist always advise, brush your teeth twice a day. Student communicate more than any other set of people. You want to approach people, meet new people daily. How would you feel if the odor coming out of your mouth is bad? Unimaginable! If you have problem with your teeth, consult a dentist. Don’t self medicate!

10. Medical Check up: Students find it uneasy to use the health centers in their respective school. Some even try to meet up with the faith of no drugs, this is not advisable. You are in an environment different from your locality. Different kinds of persons are passing by ejecting different things into the air and by simple mean you get infected. So, I’d advise you make use of the health centers even if you have your own doctors. Only if your house is not far, then you can make use of your doctor. Nonetheless, make sure you know your health status. Remember your health is important to you as student even beyond.


I’m not saying you should keep sleeping. Student are not known for early to bed early to rise. Many gossip, discuss football, watch movies, play games, read books, pray and all sort of things all through the night which make them want to wake up late but the fear of meeting up with classes won’t allow them to have enough sleep haven spent all night without sleep. Check out the list below to help you make sure you’re having enough rest.

11. Work it out: What I mean by this is that you draw the time. You want to read, play games, gossip, watch films and other things that are best known to you. Simply get a plan. Health practitioner says eight hours of sleep is good but as a student having this straight like that might seem difficult. You might have to split it.

12. Understand your roommates: If you happen to stay in school hostels, it might be difficult to sleep at anytime you wish. This is where the previously mentioned point comes to play, you work it out. Know the time your roommates don’t disturb and go with that time.

13. Rest during the day: You may have a tight schedule day but find some time to take a nap. Afternoon sleep is good because the body often demands for it.

14. Night sleep: Don’t skip this! Many public speakers will say great men don’t sleep. The saying is right but not literary. Try as much as possible to get enough time to sleep full night whenever you get the chance.

15. Avoid drugs. The use of drugs is common when examination is approaching or during the period of examination. Don’t use caffeine to stay awake as this may damage your body system.

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Exercise as one of the important health tips for student


This is one of the important health tips for student. As a student, you need to keep fit, stay healthy but fitting this to your schedule may be a later thing. Check out for stock of tips to help you keep track to fitness.

16. Participate in a sport: Most schools have the department that register student for sporting activities. Aside from maybe passion or reward, sports help the body to be in good shape. You burn more calories that you have consumed and stay healthy. Joining a team in playing sport will help you stay active in sport throughout your stay on campus.

17. Go to Gym: Guys are good at this anyway. It’s important that as a lady too you do workout and other necessary stuffs to keep you body in good shape.

18. Walk to class: Walking to your class doesn’t mean you are poor. It’s another form of exercise. As simple as it may sound, it’s working! Get up early, walk to class, burn some calories and relax before the class starts.

Mental health

19. Mental Health: What do you do when you’re tired? As student, many options come to your mind. To stay awake during night reading, the use of drugs like caffeine, Tramadol or any other drugs should not be the option. When reading seems boring to you, involves your friends, play games a little, take a walk and build confidence. Remain committed to your health’s improvement. It’s very important.

Sexual health

Higher institution of learning is the place where students find it easy to explore themselves sexually. Abstinence is the best practice when it comes to this. But what can you do if you can’t practice it? Here comes the answers

20. Protection: Prevention is better than cure. Use of protection is advise to prevent the risk of contracting diseases.

21. Attend seminars: Most institutions often organise classes that discuss this issue. Find time to attend as this will educate you more on sexual health.

The last important health tip I’m going to discuss is STRESS


There are many form student get stressed. To some students, stress is normal while some don’t like it at all. Meeting up with classes, assignment, submitting files to different offices and other things make students get stressed out. This is also health tip for student you need to know The following stress tips can help you manage the stress and contain it.

22. Set limit: You can’t do everything in one day. Limit the times when you will work to give yourself enough time to sleep and rest up so you won’t get sick or tired unnecessarily.

23. Create a routine: Patterns are almost the best option when it comes to stress. Create a work routine, know what to do per time. Carry out your activities as you have listed. Try to put resting time and you’ll find out that you are always active.

24. Take break: Get yourself break when tired. Assume you are in a class that will last for 3 – 4 hours, take break in between. Then you return to class when you feel relaxed and still meet up with the lecture.

25. Energy drink: This isn’t a bad idea. Chill energy drink will go a long way in refreshing you.

Also spend time with your friends, have fun and make school life lively as much as you can. Remember, it’s only one life, no duplicate. Guide it jealously!

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