Most Challenging Courses in University

Challenging courses

Every student desires to study a course that would give him or her a seat at the front in the future. This isn’t just a mere decision. It comes with a lot of challenges at it requires dedication, consistency and endurance. In view of achieving this goal, many students find it difficult to know what is at stake at the beginning of their journey to the future. At scholarpostng, we have deemed it fit to take you through some most challenging courses in Nigerian Universities as at today.

You should also be aware that every course has its uniqueness. Each course is aimed at grooming students to become the best in their various field of choice. Since the labor market is increasingly filled with specialist every day, some courses are becoming more competitive that the other. This makes them most challenging courses in universities. The requirements for getting admission into ones choice of institution is also difficult.

Check for most challenging courses in Universities in no particular order as considered by the writer below.


Medicine is considered as one of the most challenging courses in universities because of what it entails. The course has to deal with human life making it so fragile to deal with. While the course itself is takes about 6 to 7 years before it completely studied, student are also engaged in series of assignment, studying of human anatomy, memorizing toughest textbooks, going through rigorous studies in order to satisfy the minimum requirements.

While the number of students admitted to study this course is limited, I must emphasize that not all universities offer the course.

List of universities where you can study medicine in Nigeria.

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Engineering, one of the most challenging courses

This is the second of the most challenging courses in universities we would considering. Engineering is a course that is studied within the space of 5 years. There specific requirements before you can choose to study this particular course. You must be technically sound, it requires your analytical skills, critical thinking, problem solving capability, ability to forecast and most importantly your mathematical skills. You should be able to reason beyond the present, put your thinking into diagrams for people to see.

As this course doesn’t hide your incompetency, all your errors are seen in public. If you are planning to study any course under engineering then you’re attempting to obtain a degree in one of the most challenging courses in universities. You will have to buckle up and get prepared. Good thing doesn’t come easily.


This is also one of the most challenging courses in universities. The duration of study is also five years after which you proceed to any law school for the completion of the program. This course is hot cake! Many graduate still come back to university in order to obtain a degree in law. The increase in number of students trying to be enrolled into universities to study this course makes it most challenging in various universities.

Aside from the books you will have to read, you must be prepared to spend money. As there is no particular practical or laboratory work attached to this program, you consider cases upon cases and keep considering. If one isn’t focused or determined, dropping out of school would be the next option. Though almost all universities in Nigeria now offer students admission to study the course, there are still limited number of students that are admitted per university.


Balancing a sheet is not a child play! This is one of the reasons accounting makes it to one of the most challenging courses in universities. The duration of study is four years with intensive learning and development. Every student wants to be an accountant which also makes it competitive. The requirements after the course also includes that you’re chartered.

Dentistry and Dental Surgery

Though dentistry is one of the specialties in medicine, it also one of the most challenging courses in universities. Dentistry students attend classes with students studying medicine till a certain level where they study only courses related to their area of specialization. This combination of courses isn’t a joke. Just imagine how difficult medicine itself is, now combining with another course calls for special preparation. You need to get prepared if you’re truly going to survive in this area and come out as a dentist.


This is another one of the most challenging courses in universities we’ll be considering. It’s not just the drawing, it entails the combination of both interior and exterior designs. The planning of a geographical location, placing the right buildings in their respective places. The duration of study varies between 4 to 5 years. It is mostly 5 years in university of technologies.

Feel free to add your own most challenging course(s) too in the comment section below.

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