Sweet Sixteen: 50 Possible JAMB’s Questions and Answers

Sweet sixteen

Are you sitting for JAMB and you have been wondering how exactly questions will be drawn from the Use of English literature text Sweet sixteen , Say no more, this post is about the 50 possible questions from Sweet sixteen text which can be set in your JAMB UTME screening exercise . This is the perfect Sweet sixteen summary you have been looking for.

About the Book

The literature text, Sweet Sixteen written by Bolaji Abdullahi is the official literature text recommended by the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board JAMB for the Unified tertiary matriculation exam, UTME.

It was chosen as the official jamb text in 2018 to celebrate JAMB’s 40 year anniversary. Sweet sixteen as described by the author is a coming of age story. It has six different chapters namely;

  • The letter
  • The drive
  • Work
  • The Gandhi test
  • Dating
  • Stereotype
  • Beauty

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50 possible Questions from jamb sweet Sixteen

  1. For Aliya to be called a Child is same as __________

Answer: Stupid

  1. What is Mr. Bello favorite color

Answer: Blue

  1. What was Aliya Mugs colour

Answer: Orange

  1. Why did Mr. Bello grandmother refused to live with them?

Answer: Because fence makes their house looks like fences

  1. What present  did Aliya father sent to her on her 16th birthday

Answer: A portable digital camera, birthday card and a spiral bound document

  1. What career was Aliya first choice

Answer: Pilot

  1. Your mind is like a beautiful mind… who made this statement and who was it referring to

Answer: Aliyas father to Aliya

  1. What was the title of Aliya’s sixteenth birthday letter

Answer: Letter to my daughter

  1. What did Tokunbo give Aliya as Valentine gift

Answer: A teddy bear

  1. While Aliya was in primary school, Mr. Bello was working as a?

Answer: Public Relation Agency

  1. Who was Aliya’s Mathematics teacher according to the sweet sixteen novel

Miss Salako

  1. The title “King of Boys” was given to whom according to the novel?

Answer: Akin

  1. Aunty Gigis is?

Answer: A popular fast food place

  1. How old was Aliya in the text

Answer: 16 years old

  1. Where were the students having sex at night caugh?

Answer: School basketball court

  1. Aliya’ father assumed that Aliya sudden decision to become a lawyer was because

Answer: solving her chemistry problem

  1. Aliya’s letter to her on her birthday is said to be unique because

Answer: It was a 16 wife page letter and each page contains each year of her life

  1. According to the novel Kahlil Gibran was a?

Answer: Lebanese poet

  1. According the novel,  Good comprehensive programs teach students that abstinence is the only surefire way to prevent sexually transmitted disease (STD) and pregnancy

Answer: True

  1. Adoringly, Aliya was been referred to as

Answer: First lady

  1. Aliya’s school principal was from which tribe

Answer: Tiv

  1. What did Aliya find in Aunty Molara room after she left for school

Answer: Cosmopolitan magazine

  1. In the story, who was thought by many people to be snubious?

Answer: Grace

  1. Which book motivated Aliya to be a lawyer

Answer: John Grisham books

  1. ___________ was describe as a clear Gold medalist

Answer: Akin

  1. HAK accoding to the story means

Answer: Hugs and kisses

  1. As at the time Aliya was born her father was a ________

Answer: Journalist

  1. Which organization does Aliya father works for according to the story

Answer: International organization that helps the poor people

  1. Who believed that the only thing worth celebrating is a major achievement and not birthdays

Answer:: Mr. Bello

  1. In the novel  Sweet sixteen,  the chapter two( The drive) is themed on

Answer: Self improvement

  1. According to the novel,  when Aliya turned 14 she read a book titled

Answer: Sweet sixteen

  1. What lesson was the Gandhi test supposed to teach Aliya in the novel?

Answer: Ethics and morals

  1. Who was/were the first person to know Aliya has started menstruating

Answer: Hostel mistress and her mum

  1. Aliya’s opinion of donating Nebuliser to the school clinic was as a result of her

Answer: Health condition

  1. ‘KPC ‘ a social media language according to the novel means

Answer: Keep parent clueless

  1. According to the story, Aliya has a medical condition known as_______

Answer: Asthma

  1. What is the main lesson derived from the story about the hunter

Answer: Continuous passing of parent’s wealth of knowledge to their children

  1. What was Aliya’s mother profession in sweet sixteen

Answer: A Nurse

  1. According to the novel  Sweet sixteen, chapter six(Stereotype) was all about______

Answer: Religion issues

  1. In the novel , which character was also called Big mummy

Answer: Mr. Bello elder sister or Aliya’s aunt

  1. In the novel , which character was also called First lady

Answer: Aliya

  1. Which personality was Aliyas mother compared with and why

Answer: Imelda Macros, because of the increasing number of her shoes and bags

  1. ……What did the writer meant by this statement “for their souls dwell in the house of tomorrow, which you cannot visit, not even in your dreams”

Answer: parents should not try to determine the future of their children

  1. Aliya’s father is a fan of _______ football club according to the sweet sixteen story

Answer: Chelsea football club

  1. Who was Mr. Bello favorite musician and where was he from

Answer: Ali Farka Toure /Mali

  1. What roles did Mr. Bello played as recognized by her daughter Aliya

Answer: father, teacher, and prophet

  1. Who is a dumb girl according to Aliya’s father

Answer: A girl who believes she has to live to other people expectations

  1. ……..Happy birthday to daddy’s  angel and my superstar….Who made the above statement in the sweet sixteen novel

Answer: Aliya’s school principal

  1. What did Mr. Bello detest most?

Answer: Not saying your prayers on time and telling lies

  1. Why did Aliya father tried to teach her chess game?

Answer:  So that she would think strategically

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