Top Material Sources for your Undergraduate/Postgraduate Project

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Project material sources

In this post we discuss the various project material sources for your undergraduate research, thesis and dissertations.

In order for you to carry out a successful project, You will need a lot of resources materials such as articles and journal from various sources that are related to your project topic for your undergraduate , thesis, dissertation and other related academic work.

No matter how new or uncommon your project or coursework might be, there must be a work that has been done relating to the topic you're investigating .

As a writer once said, every new beginning comes from other beginning's end. Therefore you need to stand on the shoulder of the giants by locating and drawing out necessary information from various sources for you to carry out detail and excellent research.

The more scholarly materials you digest on a topic you're covering, the more established and apt you become in the subject you're investigating.

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Material sources for Undergraduate project

Which source(s) should you start the hunt for your project materials from? The answer is simple, your university or college library. Before considering alternative sources such as websites and online encyclopedias in search of project materials, you should consider perusing your school library contents relating to your assignment.

You'll be amazed at the amount of research materials you would find on your topic. The library is one of the project material sources that contains loads of database both online and offline you can mine quality information about your research.

There are various online project material sources with loads of rich content such as article reviews, journals, and the likes however before we go in detail into how to source for your project materials online, we must talk about one indispensable and powerful asset you must recognize KEYWORDS!

You must master the art of using keywords while using these various sources for your inquiry. Identify the keywords in your project topic and streamline your search to follow suit.

While using search engines such as Google for example, you must phrase your questions or terms properly to get the most relevant results within a short time.

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Number #1: Pubmed

The first tool I will recommend most especially for medical and science students generally is Pubmed. This website contain tons of research articles, journals, and publications from various sources.

For you to have full access to their numerous contents I will advise you to sign up and use the advanced search option.

This gives you access to the Pubmed advance search builder where you can streamline your search to suit your taste you could indicate if what you want is a journal, an author you could even filter the results to get free full texts this way all the articles you would be getting will be free.

Pubmed has over 30 million contents for Biomedical and life science students.

Number #2: Google Scholar

Google Scholar is also one of the top project material sources for your research. It is a content bank where every student can find articles from a spectrum of publishers.

Whichever area or discipline you might be, whether medical science, social and management sciences arts, and education, you will surely find resourceful materials that will be of great help to your research.

You can access Google scholar by typing 'google scholar' in your browser, fill in your keyword(s) and filter your results to get the most recent journals on your project topic.

Number #3: Bibliography or Reference

Interestingly, a very unpopular way of getting resources for your research is by checking references or bibliography.
After reading through the main content of a journal or an article, ensure you go through the reference list.

There you'd be surprised to find even more related articles and journals for your coursework. Since most of these articles are published online you can get them by searching with either the author or the topic of the article.

While collating your project material resources from different sources, be sure to obtain a personal perspective from your research and build upon the existing facts and figures you will be getting from these sources.

Be sure to get an in-depth knowledge of every component in your project so that you will have something unique to say while presenting your work.

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