Uniben Gives Dress Code for Students

Uniben dress code

The management of University of Benin (UNIBEN), Benin City, has released a dress code book for students of the varsity. Uniben dress code for Students is now contained in a handbook. For Related articles click here.

In numerous universities across Nigeria, there are specific kinds of dressing which are precluded by the school authorities and are not to be worn inside the school premises by students.

The book titled, ‘A Handbook on Dress Codes For Students’, listed all the prohibited and the acceptable dresses for both the male and female students of the school.

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According to reports, it was discovered that wrapper and blouses or buba was included in the list of ‘acceptable dress codes for female students’.

In addition to its outrageousness, students need to pay the sum of N200 to have the options to get their hands on a copy of the book.

Uniben Dress Code

Listed below are the prohibited dressings for the male Students

Prohibited code for the male students of the school include;

  • Singlet (coloured or plain),
  • Fez caps and dark glasses,
  • Sleeveless shirts,
  • Transparent clothing,
  • Body hugs,
  • Shorts,
  • Ear-Rings,
  • Necklace,
  • Chain Belt and
  • Low-waist trousers.

For the female gender,dresses like Spaghetti tops, Long or short skirts with slit more than six inches above kneel level, Transparent clothing (blouses or skirts), One-handed blouses, Low-waist trousers, Rugged jeans and Wide-neck off-shoulder blouses and many others were prohibited.

However, in the wake of things, the launch of the handbook has caused a commotion with numerous students asking why they need to pay to get a dress code book.

Reacting to this, the Students’ Union Government (SUG) of the school said students should not pay a dime for the handbook as they are not aware of such levy.

The executive arm of the SUG said no agreement was reached between the Union and management before such decision was taken. This was made known While condemning management over the imposition of the N200 levy,

”For the record, there was never a time a meeting was called with the leadership of the Union to deliberate on any dress code or payment of N200 for the supposed handbook before the decision was taken by management.

“The Union, therefore, condemn, in a strong term, such unholy act by the University Management. We urge all our intellectuals to quickly discontinue payments for such items forthwith as it was never agreed upon between the management and the Union,” the statement said.

Likewise, the Parliamentary arm of the SUG vowed to resist such imposition on students, advising management to paste the handbook on ‘notice boards’ for students for free instead.

“Preferably there are ways to put this out to the notice of the general university community such as printing of banners at entry points, making a circular & pasting on notice boards.

“For the record, such impositions will be met with strong resistance anytime any day from students.

“Moreover, the way to curb indecent dressing is not and will never be through the sales of a handbook, no, instead it’s by creating awareness.

“I will not pay a penny, I advise all UNIBEN students to follow suit & post on their statuses that they will not pay a penny too,” a statement by the Union speaker read.

He criticize ,harshly, the Professor Lilian Salami led administration, insisting that imposing any amount on students for the purchase of dresscode book was unacceptable.

“Prof Salami needs to understand that UNIBEN is not a company, it’s an academic institution with distinct managerial etiquette, also there are pressure groups/associations which naturally will exist & operate to secure the interests of their students,” he said.

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