University of Benin to Begin Free Issuing of Certificate For All Graduands

University of Benin Certificate

The University of Benin has directed all her graduands both old and new to collect their school certificate with immediate effect. This is because the University has ordered a moratorium period be given to allow all graduand to freely collect their result.

This was announced in a memorandum released and signed by the University’s acting registrar C.I Ehigiator on Wednesday 11th of November 2020.

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Consequently, a three month moratorium period starting from 15th of November to 15th of February was given to all the University of Benin graduands to obtain their University certificate without having to pay any amount of money.

With this new development, both the latest graduate and those who have graduated a long time ago from the University for the next three months can now proceed to collect their original certificate free of charge.

However should any graduate of the university be unable to take advantage of the period and do the needful, such individual will have to pay a stipulated amount of money to obtain the University’s certificate.

How to obtain University of Benin Certificate

Graduates of the University of Benin who are unable to make use of the moratorium window made available by the university will pay the following amount to obtain the University’s certificate.

The sum to be paid depends on the year the individual graduated.

The following would be paid by prospective applicants for the collection of certificate;

  • 1- 5 years of graduation #10,000
  • 6- 10 years of graduation. #15,000
  • 11-15 years of graduation. #20,000
  • 16-20 years of graduation #25,000
  • 21-25 years of graduation #30,000
  • 26-30 years of graduation #35,000
  • 31 years of graduation and above #40,000

Kindly note that collection of the University of Benin certificate is done in person and at the Exams and Records Department located at the University main campus Ugbowo Benin City Edo State.

For more information or enquiry, visit the University official website

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